ok,,,,, ive written this post mainly for two reasons the ufc 137 CAIN VELASQUEZ vs JUNIOR DOS SANTOS

debuts on the same date as the fight of the filipino boxing legend

 MANNY “pacman” pacquiao vs JUAN “dynamita” MARQUEZ

,,,, and,,,, and o course you gotta ask now right? Which one is the best sport either UFC or BOXING….. and well good for you ive watched the two fights and i have very  much compared teh two :))) but before that you need to watch this video publicity for the upcoming fights.(i prefer watching the whole UFC ON FOX PRIMETIME cain vs junoir)

for me this is one of the best documentations of each fighter ever it gives the view the life and hardships of each fighter and it can as well iinspire people watching the premiere and i really loved the story of junior dos santos from humble beginnings to UFC championship fight, i also love the sayings that junior addresses to the viewers he said “IF YOU BELIEVE IN SOMETHING AND YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON THINGS HAPPEN ” (really awewsome right??)

this one is the official trailer for the pacquiao vs marquez fight and from the title itself this is an epic trailer and once ie seen it it really is..

and now im sure you will be glad of the results for the ufc fight beacuse junior dos santos knocks out the defending champion with a wicked overhead right hand punch right at the temple of the champion… and for the BOXING things didnt go well for the filipino champion eventhough he won the fight against marquez i could clearly tell based from his previous fights against margarito, iknwo that he could have dine much much better and a great thanks to juan manuel marquez for being one of the toughest fighter that manny had encountered.

And so my final judgement/ my final desicion is that UFC can and will in the future surrpass the boxing legacy :)))) see you every one and cia000 :)))



recently ive been thinking about my future and the career that i will be pursuing after i graduate but it always eludes me every time Im trying to come up with an answer i always end up doing some things that i waste my time and at the same time never gives something in return… but whats amazing is that while i was searching the web for INSPIRATION and also my files i ended up watching THE BIG BANG  THEORY S5 Episode 8.(and i know some of you also have seen the big bang theory) i was really amazed on how WOMEN can make MEN even as crazy as sheldon cooper to act well normal i guess so heres for a job well done for sheldon cooper :)))).here is the scene :)) if you know sheldon cooper THIS IS A MIRACLE :))))

pedal TO the pedal??

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these are some of the photos that me and my  friend have taken while we were travelling with our mountain bike, its pretty hard when were going uphill but its even worse here at our place some roads arent even finished yet and theres only one lane for all the traffic but tired as you may be you get the feeling of satisfaction and sweet taste of victory once youve reached your destination(well atleast thats what i felt:))). the view is just spectacular here at ALBAY the beautiful MAYON Volcano clearly visible at the backgruond and fresh air that you breath its just makes you hardwork worthmore than you bargained for…….  :}}}}


wow this is really awkward for me coz this is my first blog…….. hmmmmm 

well this is the first post that i have may as well give some sense on it…… RIGHT???